Economic Security

The Challenge of Economic Security            

Americans are facing unprecedented challenges to their economic security. There are threats to jobs and incomes, investments, health care, energy affordability and the ability to maintain positive lifestyles.

With many changes in conditions and programs yet to come, understanding the environment in which decisions will have to be made and the choices that are available is essential in deciding what to do and how much needs to be done.

The Web Site Highlights the Book

This Web site highlights a new book: Economic Security: A Guide for an Age of Insecurity, which is designed to help you understand the forces at work and ways of preparing and responding to the challenges. In The Book page includes a full table of contents.

The Web site also provides quotes from the book and an Economic Security Blog with additional information and insights. We welcome your comments on the Forum.

The views expressed on this Web site are not intended to render professional financial planning or investment advice. Before following them you should consult your financial advisor.


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